Death on a Rock

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Death on a Rock

Written & Directed by Scott Ballard

The film follows a young woman coming to terms with a trying event in her life. Lillian’s (Rachael Perrell Fosket) bright outlook—she loves her job in a flower shop and has a sweet budding relationship with her boyfriend— is rocked by illness. Days spent in long term care at the hospital bring reflection, desperation, and some family tension. This vibrantly shot tale follows Lillian’s year of happiness, pain, and growth, told through flashbacks and drifting between memories and shifting consciousness. Seen through a framework of loss, Death On A Rock is a bittersweet tale balanced between tragedy and levity. / /

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2015 - Feature Film - RAW HD - 80 Minutes

2017 - WINNER Best Cinematography - South Texas International Film Festival

2017 - WINNER Best Narrative Feature - Port Orchard Film Festival

2016 - WINNER Best Narrative Film - Ozark Foothills Film Fest

2015 - WINNER Best Actress - LA Indie Film Festival

2015 - WINNER Best Ensemble - LA Indie Film Festival

2015 - WINNER Best Editing - Southampton International Film Festival Film Festival (UK)

2015 - WINNER Best Female Role - Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

2015 - WINNER Grand Jury Prize Best Feature - Columbia Gorge Int. Film Festival

2016 - WINNER Award of Excellence - Rincon International Film Festival (Puerto Rico)

2016 - WINNER Best Narrative Film - Boise International Film Festival

2016 - WINNER Best Actor & Best Cinematography & NOMINATED Best Supporting Actor, Best Feature, Best Score & Best Director - Portsmouth International Film Festival (UK)

2015 - NOMINATED Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography - Southampton International Film Festival Film Festival (UK)

2016 - NOMINATED Best Feature, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Director & Best Screenplay - Massachusetts International Film Festival

 2017 - Official Selection: Cordoba International Film Festival, (Columbia), Durango Independent Film Festival

2016 - Official Selection: Indie Gathering Film Festival, Salento International Film Festival (Italy), Bahamas International Film Festival, Sunrise International Film Festival, Sweden International Film Festival, Riverside International Film Festival, Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival, Trenton Film Fest, Maryland International Film Festival, Bronx Independent Film Festival,  Dingle International Film Festival (Ireland), Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival, Great Lakes International Film Festival, Italy International Film Festival, Cabo Verde International Film Festival

2015 - Official Selection: Anchorage International Film Festival, 42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Fest, Portland Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival   

Starring Rachael Perrell-Fosket - Lillian

With Erin McGarry - Beth, Katy Beckemeyer - Alice, Daniel Purcell - Male Nurse, Joe von Appen - Jeff, Sara Robbin - Ashley, Brighid Thomas - Angela, Michael Draper - Bartender, Dicky Dahl - Dean, Alicia McDaid - Dancing Waitress, Linda Mraz - Lillian's Mother, Lori Clark - Nurse #2, Lawrence Siulagi - Doctor, Rebecca Sanborn - Cafe Waitress, Suzanne Owens-­Duval - Eve, Sylvia Glazier - Kara

 Written & Directed by Scott Ballard, Produced by Meghan Lybrand, Scott Ballard & Jordan Eusebio, Onward Three Films and Scott Ballard Films, Edited by Kelly McGillicuddy, Assistant Director - Jordan Eusebio, Second Assistant Director - Meghan Lybrand, Director of Photography - Kevin Forrest, Line Producer - Sarah Prevo, Art Director / Props- Christina Owen, Hair & Make-up - Sarah Prevo, Music Composed by - Rebecca Sanborn, Sound Designer - Jordan Eusebio, Associate Producers, Emanuel AG, Marc Davison, Eduardo Eusebio, Jennifer Courtney, Mary-Pat Forrest, Lisa Allen Lybrand, Scarlett Ballard, Steve Ballard, Angie O’Hare, Production Sound - Edward P. Davee, 1st AC - Daniella Gleeson, 2nd AC - Adrian Caputo, Additional 1st AC - Adrian Caputo, Additional 2nd AC - Jeff Colia, Gaffer - Josh Smith,Erik Fauske, Grip - Adam Lobaugh, Jeff Colia, Wardrobe -Tanya Smith, Amy Rosko, Jayme Hansen, Wardrobe PA - Julie Entrekin, Set Photographers - Misha Ashton­-Moore, Angie O’Hare, DIT - Jeff Colia, Additional DIT-Adam Miller, Adam Lobaugh, Foley Artist - Noah Eusebio, Compositor - Christian Eusebio, Color Timing - Eric Rosen, LightPress, Production Assistance by Steve Ballard, Angie O’Hare, Scarlett Ballard, Misha Ashton-Moore, Ryan Lloyd, Craft Services Provided by Scarlett Ballard, Angie O’Hare, Sarah Prevo, Score Written and Performed by Rebecca Sanborn

“Fair” Written & Performed by Rebecca Sanborn ©2015 Rebecca Sanborn

 “There Was A Time” Written by Rebecca Sanborn, Performed by Ji Tanzer & Rebecca Sanborn ©2015 Rebecca Sanborn

 “The Emerald Palace” Written & Performed by Rebecca Sanborn ©2015 Rebecca Sanborn

 “Times Are Low” Written by Rebecca Sanborn, Performed by Swansea ©2015 Rebecca Sanborn

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 Television Background Provided by “Marriage Saver” *Patent Pending, Courtesy of Dave Morales

Print Art - Christina Owen, Location Artwork - Christina Owen, Misha Ashton-Moore, Angie O’Hara

 Shot On Location In Portland, Oregon, Bellingham, Washington, Hood River, Oregon, Florence, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Oregon