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Lost Division

Cinematography by Scott Ballard

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by Edward P. Davee

Feature Film - S16mm - 2013 - In Post-Production

Starring: Daniel Purcell, Joe Haege, Joe von Appen & Rachael Perrell.

Lost Division of Facebook

Lost Division is a dark, atmospheric, unconventional narrative that takes us through a landscape of trauma, in a haze of mystery and wonder. Shot on super 16mm, Lost Division is a dense psychological study of the atmosphere of war time trauma. The setting, look, and feel of the film can be described as a heavily textured, dense physical and mental terrain. As with ‘How the Fire Fell’, ‘Lost Division’ employs a highly visual, low dialog style of filmmaking. Again, much thought has been put into the overall look of the film as well as the sound design to create the appropriate tone for both the period it’s set in and the overall tone of the film. The look of the film, as with ‘How the Fire Fell’, is being crafted in-camera, combined with photo-chemical processing techniques.

In addition to this formula for the film’s ‘normal’ look, there will be interspersed moments of black and white footage shot with an actual 1940’s era combat style 16mm camera with 1930’s lenses. This lends the film an extra dimension of grit and authenticity. As one of the characters in the film is a shell shocked camera man who looks to images of beauty and escapism to deal with his trauma, there will be an element of a sort of film-within-a-film as he documents the natural world around him.
— Director Edward P. Davee