Spring 2014!

A busy time here at Scott Ballard Films!

Death On A Rock - My third feature as a Writer, Director & Produced by Jordan Eusebio, Meghan Lybrand and I wrapped up in January 2014. The footage is now in LA with the very talented Kelly McGillicuddy who will be editing it! Look for updates soon!


A Standing Still has three upcoming Screenings!

April 2014 - 23rd Arizona International Film Festival - Tuscon, AZ - http://www.filmfestivalarizona.com/

May 6, 2014 - Northwest Tracking - NW Film Center / Portland Art Gallery - Portland, OR http://www.nwfilm.org

July 2014 - Madrid International Film Festival - Madrid, Spain http://madridinternationalfilmfestival.com/

March 2013

A great month for filmmaking!

Welcoming Departure is screening at the Whitsell Auditorium (Portland Art Museum) as a part of NW Film Center's NW Tracking program (7:00pm March 20th). Check out the interview I did with Adjust Your Tracking here: http://newsroom.nwfilm.org/2013/03/19/ayt-interview-edition-scott-ballard/

I had fun working with Jordan Noce on his short film Lilly Bentley, with the very talented Emily Galash, Cora Benesh and Joe von Appen.

We are gearing up to finish Edward Davee's Lost Division, which I am shooting on Super 16mm - Look for updates on my Facebook page and the Lost Division Facebook page.

February 2013!

It's been a busy month at Scott Ballard Films! We wrapped up Brian Padian's the black sea. I helped Produce the film and was also the cinematographer for the film. We shot on Super 16mm at Arch Cape, Oregon and at various locations around Portland. It was a fun and exciting film! The footage has been processed at Alpha Cine in Seattle and already transferred at Lightpress! Now on to post!

We now have picture lock on A Standing Still! Sound guru and all around genius Jordan Eusebio is hard at work on it now. Kelly McGillicuddy did a wonderful job cutting the film together in record time! Portland-based musician Rebecca Sanborn is writing the music for the film.

In March, I will finish shooting Edward Davee's Lost Division. This WWII piece is half done and looking real sharp!

I am filming Jordan Noce's short film Lilly Bently early March. Shot on HD here in Portland, I am excited to get rolling on this script.

cardin / picher

In October 2012, fellow Producer Jordan Eusebio and I traveled to Picher & Cardin, Oklahoma and Treece, Kansas. We spent several days in these modern ghost towns, collecting images and sound. The project is now is post-production and we will be releasing it mid-2013. Stay tuned!

eyes upon waking

I will be Directing the upcoming feature film Eyes Upon Waking (produced by Jennifer Scott and written by Andy Golub & Jennifer Scott). The project is currently in pre-production. We will be moving into production in April 2013. The film will be shot in Tuscon, AZ and you can find out more information and updates at the film's site HERE.

The script, which is based on true events was a Sundance Film Festival Script Finalist.

"Life doesn't always end...Just because you want it to"

lost division

March  2013 will bring the last bit of shooting on Edward P. Davee's Lost Divistion. As Director of Photography for this Super 16mm Feature film it has been an exciting shoot, including WWII Planes, jeeps and cliff dollies! You can find out more information on the project HERE.

"Shot on super 16mm, Lost Division is a dense psychological study of the atmosphere of war time trauma. The setting, look, and feel of the film can be described as a heavily textured, dense physical and mental terrain. As with 'How the Fire Fell', 'Lost Division' employs a highly visual, low dialog style of filmmaking. Again, much thought has been put into the overall look of the film as well as the sound design to create the appropriate tone for both the period it's set in and the overall tone of the film.
The look of the film, as with 'How the Fire Fell', is being crafted in-camera, combined with photo-chemical processing techniques.

In addition to this formula for the film's 'normal' look, there will be interspersed moments of black and white footage shot with an actual 1940's era combat style 16mm camera with 1930's lenses. This lends the film an extra dimension of grit and authenticity. As one of the characters in the film is a shell shocked camera man who looks to images of beauty and escapism to deal with his trauma, there will be an element of a sort of film-within-a-film as he documents the natural world around him."

a standing still

A Standing Still is my second feature film as Writer/Director. I also shot the film. We used 3 formats to capture the film, HD, S16mm, 35mm. Please check out the site HERE and the Facebook page HERE.

The film is in the final stages of Post-Production and we are aiming for a Spring 2013 release - Stay tuned!

"A Standing Still revolves around a young woman, Allison, as she struggles with the future in the midst of loss and displacement. Allison works as a fire lookout in the Willamette National Forest. When she is called down early for a medical emergency with her father, she is forced to face the present and the past that has led her there. "

the black sea

January 2013 marks Principle Photography for the black sea. I am Producing and the Director of Photography for Brian Padian's film. We will be shooting on Super 16mm in Arch Cape, OR and in Portland, OR. Check out more updates at the film's site HERE and on it's Facebook page HERE.