Welcoming Departure - DVD

Welcoming Departure Postcard Front 4x6.jpg
Welcoming Departure Postcard Front 4x6.jpg

Welcoming Departure - DVD


Official DVD copy of my feature film Welcoming Departure.

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited

by Scott Ballard

Feature Film - 2012 - 68 Minutes

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OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2012 Arizona International Film Festival; 2012 Indie Spirit Film Festival; 2012 Big Island Film Festival; 2012 Prescott Film Festival

Starring: Tom Campbell, Eve Pryce and Rachael Perrell


Dave Morales, Sara Robbin, Maren McGuire and Solomon Olmstead

Featuring the music of The Blue Cranes (www.bluecranesmusic.com)

Shot on location in Bellingham, WA & Portland, OR

"Portland filmmaker Scott Ballard is a noted cinematographer (HOW THE FIRE FELL) and director of award-winning short films. For his first feature, Ballard wrote this quiet story of Hank, the night custodian at a public library whose evenings are sequestered in a methodical work routine. When a mysterious inheritance appears, the patterns of his life begin to unravel. WELCOMING DEPARTURE is a jazz-inspired portrait exploring the challenges of change." - Portland Art Museum NW Film Center

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