The Curio

Cinematography by Scott Ballard

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by Dicky Dahl

The Curio tells the story of a recent divorcee struggling to re-invent himself amidst the comparatively young social scene of a new town to the point of becoming, at least by his own perception, an object of curiosity. The film weaves scripted material, footage from ‘family films’ and scenes from a fictional documentary that interviews family and friends into a comedic yet poignant portrait of one man’s existential identity crisis. Through The Curio’s quest for newfound purpose lies a greater exploration of society’s definition of “success” and the cost of bending that definition to meet one’s terms for self-fulfillment. / On Facebook

Feature Film - HD

2015 - Official Selection - 42nd NW Filmmakers' Festival

Starring Dicky Dahl

with The Dahl Family Players, Aiyana Elliott, Joe Von Appen, Jason Rouse, Crystal Zingsheim, Alicia McDaid, Jon Ashley Hall, Jerry Carlton, Linda Mraz, Emily Galash