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Two Pints Lighter

Cinematography by Scott Ballard

Produced by Matt Lawrence, Scott Ballard & Ryan Conrath

Written, Directed, Edited by Matt Lawrence

Feature Film - HD -

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Starring: Ryan Conrath & Hannah Rebecca Telle


Charlie Anderson, Mike Lawrence

Shot on location in Asbury Park, NJ & Bellingham, WA

OFFICIAL SELECTION - New Filmmakers, New York - 2013

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montclair Film Festival - 2012

"Wade has issues.

He drinks too much, he bites women and he has an insatiable taste for blood.  He is a loner, bound by a successful routine that has kept his vices thriving.  But after a night of promiscuous feeding lands him in trouble with the locals, Wade flees to a small coastal town, vowing to change his ways and bring an end to his nomadic lifestyle.  Will a punk rock girl, a job at a bowling alley and a self-help group ultimately be enough to change his nature?"